Shawn DeWolfe is a Canadian Web Developer specializing in Drupal website design and WordPress website deployments. Two decades of experience in web development provides clear answers to the questions of what is needed to deliver the best design, the best message and the best results from your web presence. Return on investment and good value are key elements in any successful business strategy. Elaborate doesn’t have to be complex. Complexity can become clarity. Using Drupal to support data driven sites delivers a sturdy, effective solution. Using WordPress to deliver turnkey websites provides a popular solution that invites success. By choosing to work with Shawn DeWolfe Consulting, you are taking advantage of a track record of developing beautifully designed, robust, responsive, socially-enabled and user-friendly websites.

Older Examples Of What I've Done

Some example of the types of work I have done

In 2006, I was tapped to move a website from legacy applications written in Perl. They converted their systems and 23,000 articles to Drupal. The site was multilinguial. It contains over 300 categories of content; and more than 30 specialty areas. It serves is user base of 30,000 professional working in the field of development communications. I led the project to convert the site’s legacy content to Drupal. I built 27 content types to deliver specialized content. I build specialized modules to integrate their business rules. Since the 2007 re-launch, the site has continued to grow and evolve their use of Drupal as a platform.

I built a historical archive: a bilingual site built to deliver 65GB of PDFs and text docments to the users. These documents track the progress of labour workers in the 20th century. To track the geographical relationship of the PDF to locations, an interactive map was sett up to feature the archive sources

I built a project designed to take the modern indexation of 53,000 records and convert the content into a Drupal database. The records are displayed using Drupal’s report building system (ie. Views). The documents are searchable by scholars who can filter based on dates; letter origin and destinations; and other characteristics of the documents.

I designed a property management system. The system was built with Drupal to manage users, properties and the assets of each property. The users are divided by roles that dole out access to data and data entry


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What I Want To Do

Here's a list of cool things I would like to get involved in: Projects I would like to do.