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In 2012, I tried my hand at SEO work. It went so-so. I was able to raise the rankings of my clients, but it was hard work. By choosing to work with clients who didn’t have a budget, I painted myself into a corner. Promotion sometimes involves throwing money at a problem. Money isn’t the only way to popularize a website, but it is a factor.

We propose a plan that involves a heavy aspect of search engine optimization coupled with selective advertising aiming at your customer demographics. We propose a plan to carry out over six months, with minor course corrections as needed. Then, after six months, we will assess the strategy, its impact and changes in market factors.

Our general optimization strategy works on key areas:

  • End Goal Perspective. Increasing Revenue Is More Important Than Increasing Hits. We will position the site so that it connects with more qualified users who fit the demographic you are seeking; not just numbers but customers.
  • Site Readiness. We will assess the qualities of the site: how fast does it load; how long does it take; is anything essential unavailable to search engines.
  • Content Readiness. We will review your content and may suggest alterations to make it ideal for traffic growth. While protecting the core of your content, subtle changes to some phrases can give your message more impact from a search engine perspective.
  • Customer Behaviour. We will encourage customers to stay on your site longer; customer behaviour metrics including duration of visit and number of pages visited are key measurements of a site’s value. We will also be offering customers ample opportunities to share and bookmark your pages to increase site trust.
  • Website Trust. We will help to build trusted inbound links. Google and other search engines look at web connections (links) as a meter of trustworthiness. More trustworthy sites are seen as leaders in a niche and that drives the prominence of the site.
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