Photo Retouching Services

Do you need your photos retouched? We're a Victoria BC business that can scan, retouch and clean-up your photos. We can restore your faded, cracked and damaged photos. We will scan your photos at high resolution. Then we digitally renew your photo: restoring and printing your image.


Our retouching services are a great way to make your photos and digital images print and web ready. Our basic retouching services include color correction, exposure correction, dust removal, cropping, etc. Whatever your image is, use our basic retouching services to make your images pop! We also offer advanced retouching services for more complex retouching jobs.

Classic Restoration

This level of service is for the full image restoration. We bring your old torn, cracked, stained, water damaged, and distressed images back to life! Our advanced restoration service is more or less digital image surgery. Restoring old and distressed photos is both an art and a science. Great restorations require the perfect blend of creativity, skill, and technical know-how.

Creative Restoration

Want to make something special out of your favorite photo? Our Creative Restorations offer endless possibilities! We turn your ordinary photos into extraordinary works of art! Our digital artistry techniques go far beyond applying simple digital effect filters. We custom create every effect to create truly beautiful and unique images. Perfect for personalized and special gifts!

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