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ClassicPress / WordPress

WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging platform into a powerful content management system (CMS). ClassicPress is ideal for B2B website design projects that want a turnkey solution. ClassicPress is the new variant of the WordPress platform. WordPress is made powerful through its thousands of plugins and themes. ClassicPress is built for business.
Here's what we offer our clients:
  • Proven software development experience in PHP.
  • 6+ years of working experience with WordPress deployments and Wordpress development.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of web technologies including HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AJAX
  • Working experience with databases including MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, etc.
  • Experience in working with third-party APIs like Google, Yahoo and dozens of other data providers.
  • Graphic and web design experience.
Some ways that WordPress gives you what you need:

Lead Generation

Build and design your landing pages with easy to use ClassicPress forms. Our tool of choice is “Gravity Forms:” a leader in functionality, flexibility and integration. Let’s go the extra step and integrate Google Analytics into the mix to track the popularity of your landing page.

Automate Marketing

A sales funnel’s broad mouth may capture good leads and not so good leads. Through marketing automation, we can capture leads, pipe them into your email marketing and through to your CRM integration with a minimum of effort on your part.
WordPress supports your selling cycle. Quickly connect your WordPress website to robust third-party software solutions like MailChimp, aWeber and Constant Contact.


Your returns and your costs are linked. Your design will be built with return on investment at the forefront of our attention. The ease of use for both visitors and administrators alike will improve your management and the attraction of your leads. WordPress provides a feature rich web presence.
Low support requirements makes WordPress’ total cost of ownership a small percentage of what it would be with other CMS solutions.

Content Management

The primary role of ClassicPress and WordPress is to manage content. It makes that management task very easy to accomplish. By adding levels of access into the mix, your management tasks can be delegated while still letting you have the final say on what messages get out and what messages get refined before release. Do you want help with content management? We can provide ClassicPress Maintenance Services


Our sites are mobile ready. That’s more than just re-formatting the look and feel: your site can be administered on the go. Its functionality can be optimized mobile users and site management on the go.


We follow Google’s best practices for B2B website design when it comes to responsive designs. A responsive design will keep the same content on the page, but make it look ideal for phones, tablets, computer screens and screen sharing to large displays.

We Have Your Hosting Figured Out

We are an agency partner with WP Engine: The go-to hosing solution for clients who need a solid service provider. Here's a run down of what WP Engine does for its clients:
  • Save time - By using WP Engine, set-up is brought to a minimum and a site owner can start publishing posts straight away.
  • Dedicated support - They will help with the inner workings of site management: available via live chat when the need arises.
  • Less downtime - Downtime leads to a financial loss. This would also damage our reputation as repeating site downtime impacts a website's reputation. WP Engine will prove to be very stable..
  • Better security -WP Engine assesses security risks and manages security updates .
  • Better results help SEO - Keeping the site going and fast to load, will give your site an edge vs. more sluggish competitors. Fast, consistent sites fare better in Google, Bing and other indexes.
  • Stagine sites built right in -WP Engine includes staging environments with each hosting space they offer. No more white knuckle changes to the live environment with no clue what the change will do.
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