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Develop landing pages for Instagram and facebook traffic​ - Upwork

About us:
Self-help company targeting younger and middle-aged people

What we're looking for:
An experienced web dev with marketing that can build landing pages for meditations. We will be using landing pages for both purchasing and giving away free meditations via email.
We need someone to work on landing page creation. There will be Mailchimp integration and a CMR tool. All copy, logos, ​and content will be supplied by us. We are also looking for someone who is willing to supply solutions and or creative ideas to optimize the landing pages.

We need the following deliverables:
  - Deliverable #1 by {​Jan 20th}​
  - Deliverable #2 by {​jan 30th}​

To complete all the deliverables, the right developer will have experience in the following:
  - Experience transforming website wireframes into responsive web pages...
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[HELP] How to setup initial data for custom table

I followed this guide for creating a plugin.

But when the plugin is deactivated and activated again, it will insert the data again as new rows. How can I make it so the data is setup once and never again even if plugin is deactivated and re-activated multiple times?

submitted by /u/Breakpoint
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[HELP] How to...

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WordPress Content Entry - Upwork

I'm looking for someone to help populate content on to a WordPress website our agency is building. In total there are 10 unique pages of content + 90 Case Studies to be added as a Phase II.

In WordPress we use Advanced Custom Fields to make it easy for clients (and freelancers such as yourself) to get the content added in a quick and easy way.

We have built pre-defined "blocks" that can be pieced together to follow design mockups. You will be required to slice and export images from Adobe Photoshop mockups to upload these inside the content blocks. (These are professional Photoshop files with well organized layers and so it should be straightforward to extract what is needed.)

Your completed web layouts must match the design mockups as much as possible. Deviations from design, or insufficient resources should be noted.

We need the 10 pages of content populated this week. Wednesday would be best.

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Help sell premium WP plugin for Sales Funnels Checkout - Upwork

I am looking for an expert in creating sales funnels to market a new premium wordpress plugin. Ideally you have experience using marketing funnel software such as clickfunnels, etc.

The plugin itself helps you to create up/downsells on your own Wordpress site and define custom sales funnels.

For more info check out: http://ela.mynexthit.com/short/2e89e9ba

Things you could help with:
- FB Group networking
- Creating Webinars
- Contacting influencers
- Contacting Wordpress Theme Creators
- Contacting WP Plugin Creators
- Contact Marketplaces
- Other

Posted On: January 08, 2019 05:11 UTC
Category: Sales & Marketing > SMM - Social Media Marketing
Skills: Article Writing, ClickFunnels, Content Writing, Copywriting,...
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One-time initial Onsite SEO, Copywriting and/or editing for Search Engine Optimization - Upwork

copy editing, copywriting, advising on placement of text and any other SEO

Posted On: January 08, 2019 05:11 UTC
Category: Sales & Marketing > SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Skills: Content Writing, On-Page Optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO Audit, SEO Keyword Research, WordPress
Country: United States
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Sales Funnel Page Design for New Online Program - Upwork

I am launching new 24 online program and need the following pages designed:
Sales Page
Thank You Page

Content included in the attached files for Sales Page.

Best Candidate will have experience structuring content for best conversions.

Sales pages will be implemented using Worpress Plug-in Thrive Architect. Will need to available to work with web developer to get end design implemented.

Inspiration sites include the following:

I can include some images of me to be used in the sales page as well

Posted On: January 08, 2019 05:11 UTC
Category: Design & Creative > graphics_design
Skills: Graphic Design, HTML5, Marketing Strategy, Web...
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Web Developer Needed to edit functionality in WordPress website. - Upwork

On the homepage of our website there are some links/buttons that lead to different areas of the website and landing pages that we do not feel are appropriate. I have not found the ability to redirect the locations on the backend of the website so my assumption is that the theme will not allow us. Therefore, I imagine this would require some coding proficiency. Additionally, the homepage has a layout that I would like to change and I think this would require some coding proficiency as well. Please take a look at the images attached. The fold of the homepage is screenshot "homepage button 1 and 2". The top "shop now" button on the homepage takes the user to a row of content further below on the same page...see the screenshot "section 1 product slideshow". The shop now button on the bottom of the homepage takes the user to the ecommerce page (/shop). view the...
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Digital Marketing Assistant with Expert Graphic Skills - Upwork

We are looking for a long-term Digital Marketing Assistant to help us manage our marketing and all things social media. The final position will start at 10 hours per week but we hope to be able to increase that quickly. Our maximum budget is US$25 an hour.

This job is a small test project so we can see how you do before hiring the actual person for the final role. Think of it as a paid interview. We will hire 2 to 3 different candidates to all perform the same job, pay you for your time and then based on the results, pick one candidate to fill the final job.

About Us

We are a small company based in Vancouver, Canada that makes speech therapy apps to help adults and older children after they have had a stroke. We have around 20 apps available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can find more information on our website: https://tactustherapy.com

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Palantir: Federated Search: The Demo

Federated Search: The Demo brandt Mon, 01/07/2019 - 14:57 Ken Rickard and Avi Schwab Jan 7, 2019

See Palantir’s federated search application in action.

We recently published a blog post introducing our solution to Google Search Appliance being discontinued—an open source application we built and named Federated Search. If you haven’t already, we recommend checking out that first blog post to get the basics on how we built the application and why. Read on here to learn how you can see for yourself what the application does.

Search API Federated Solr is a complex application, and the best way to understand what's going on is to see it in action...

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Developer - Wordpress - Upwork

SoulTour.com is seeking a developer to build an initial 3-5 page website + migrate a copy of existing Wordpress blog content to a new domain. We’ll use a WP theme (likely Divi).

We’re also looking for support in making sure SEO structure is optimized.

Posted On: January 08, 2019 05:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Development, WordPress
Country: United States
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Developer - Wordpress - Upwork

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Palantir: Introducing Federated Search

Introducing Federated Search brandt Mon, 01/07/2019 - 13:38 Ken Rickard and Avi Schwab Jan 7, 2019

Search API Federated Solr is Palantir.net’s open source solution to federated search.

Last year, Google announced Google Search Appliance would be discontinued. This announcement means that enterprise clients needing a simple yet customizable search application for their internal properties will be left without a solution some time in 2019.

As the request of an existing client, Palantir has worked for the past year to produce a replacement for the GSA and other federated search applications using open-source tools. We abstracted this project into a reusable product to index and serve data across disparate data...

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Full Stack Web App Developer - CropRecords.com - Kelowna, BC

CropRecords builds software for precision agriculture. We are looking for a full stack Web App Developer to join our growing Kelowna team. In this role you...
From Indeed - Mon, 07 Jan 2019 18:55:57 GMT - View all Kelowna, BC jobs -

Full Stack Web App Developer - CropRecords.com - Kelowna, BC

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Optimize SaaS website content, SEO, PPC and increase leads and conversions - Upwork

Please read the project background attached before proceeding to apply for the job posting. We are looking for an individual that can make our website more effective at creating leads/demo requests. The site is built using Wordpress. This may be a longer standing engagement for the right individual.

We offer a SaaS product for digital health and healthcare companies. We are a company that provides a solution for automating regulatory compliance/HIPAA compliance in Amazon Web Services (www.dashsdk.com).

Some requirements/responsibilities will include:
-Creating a strategy for generating more site leads and traffic
-Reworking current web pages to increase conversions
-Increasing the amount of leads captured by site forms
-Improving CTR for existing ranking pages/search terms
-Improving page rankings for specific search terms
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[HELP] Searching way to create a form which will send to several recipients

Hi there,

I want to set up a simple referral form (without affiliate login area etc.) where a user can type in several recipients (seperated via commas or breaks) and invite their friends to our page.

The referrals would be tracked via email since I would send a notification email to an internal email address as well.

I cannot find a way to make this work via Contact Form 7. Is there a good plugin for this.

If there are also options to import contacts (from social media etc.), that would be even greater.

Thanks in advance!

submitted by /u/kebapman
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Writing Product description for 300 products - Upwork

The right candidate needs to follow the Yoast SEO readability guidelines (based on plug-in analysis).  create a title for the product, write the main and the short description of the product, input variations all based on information and pictures received. Some images may need to modified with basic guidelines. This website sells everything from tools to jewels. All research can be performed online through google, other similar sites, querying wholesale suppliers and by other means.

Posted On: January 07, 2019 19:11 UTC
Category: Writing > Creative Writing
Skills: Article Writing, Blog Writing, Content Writing, Creative Writing, Internet Research, Product Descriptions, WordPress, Writing
Country: Bosnia and...
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Acro Media: Online Cannabis Sales: Open Source vs. SaaS

What we can learn from day one of legal online cannabis sales in Canada

On October 17, 2018, Canada took a progressive step forward as the sale of recreational cannabis became legal for the entire country. It was the end of a prohibition, sparking a wave of new business opportunity. It’s hard to find official numbers for Canada as a whole, but it’s estimated that there were about 212,000 first-day sales across the country worth approximately $28 million! We thought it would be a good opportunity to show some of the benefits of open source vs. SaaS solutions for online cannabis.

First off, It’s hard to say exactly how many transactions occurred online for Canada as a whole. It’s up to each province and territory to decide how they want sales to proceed and stats are quite limited at this point. We do, however, have solid information for a couple smaller provinces that we can start with. Then we can expand with speculation after that.

What we know Cannabis...
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[Help] Wordpress will not update page with any changes.

I am fairly new to Wordpress but I have made a website for a local bar. It has worked for over a year without any issues, until now.

I am using goodlayers - one page pro theme.

Any time I go to make a change and update, everything seems to work fine but then once I load the live site or run a preview. It reverts back to the outdated information.

I am wondering if it is my cache needing cleared however all plugins for cache are “not supported” and when I manually upload one it tells me there is one already running however I can not find the settings for it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

submitted by /u/alectheartist
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Wordpress (Divi theme) expert needed to help update an existing website. - Upwork

Update existing WordPress website with new content using Divi theme.  I need someone to help me edit the site by adding new content and help understand the functionality so I can do it myself in the future.

Posted On: January 07, 2019 19:11 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: Graphic Design, WordPress
Country: United States
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Wordpress (Divi theme) expert needed to help update an existing website. - Upwork

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Wim Leers: JSON:API module version two

Mateu, Gabe and I just released JSON:API 2.0!

Read more about it on Mateu’s blog.

I’m proud of what we’ve achieved. I’m excited to see more projects use it. And I’m confident that we’ll be able to add lots of features in the coming years, without breaking backwards compatibility. I was blown away just now while generating release notes: apparently 63 people contributed. I never realized it was that many. Thanks to all of you :)

I had a bottle of Catalan Ratafia (which has a fascinating history) waiting to celebrate the occasion....

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